Melbourne’s Winter Night Markets Not To Miss!


Winter seems less harsh with a couple of bags full of nice pieces, good cosmetics or handmade crafts. Let’s not forget the smell of cinnamon in the air and the taste of irresistible mulled wine. All of this and much more pleasures, you will be able to find at some of the top night markets in the area. We warmly recommend these three.

Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

The annual Queen Victoria Winter Night Market is back!

This time, more interesting than ever! You will love the line-up that includes various musicians, disco music in the air, 50 designer stalls and even the fortune tellers! The organizers put an extra effort to make it more special this year by instaling unique light effects - lighting concept company John Fish will make a magic out of the main food hall by reflecting red smoke over the walls and glowing neon lights with bright white beams illuminating the space.

As for the food, expect 30 stalls set by open fire. Drink-wise, what is a winter without something to make you warm? All sorts of ciders and wine will be there all night long.

The market is held on the corner of Queen and Therry Streets, and runs from 5 -10pm. 

It will be open until August 30th. 

Batman Night Market

Every fourth Saturday - joy in Coburg!

From 4 - 9pm right next to Batman train station on the Gaffney Street and Sydney Road intersection a variety of Melbourne's finest will be there for all the visitors. All of that until August 12th.

If you decide to head to North to check out the Batman Night Market, we are sure you will not be dissapointed. It is believed that this market is the rival number one to the Queen Victoria one with it’s food trucks, arts and crafts stalls, live performers and street food vendors. See it for yourself. Food trucks and vendors will change each week, but there will be both local and international cuisine, because The Batman Market team is aiming to celebrate Melbourne’s multiculturalism through food. This year’s event will be a bustling spot where visitors will be able to enjoy everything from unusual aromas of exotic dishes to the ones being prepared on site. 

Sunday Market At Arts Centre Melbourne

Melbourne Lawn within the Arts Centre Melbourne is spot where you want to be if you are in search for some of Melbourne's best arts and crafts.

People love this Sunday market because everything on offer is produced locally and you can be sure you will end up bringing home some one-of-a-kind pieces.

This market’s stalls sell everything from handmade leather goods to locally made art by the city's designers and small business owners. 

As the previous two we mentioned, this market also has excellent range of food stalls if you want to enjoy a yummy Sunday brunch. Organizers recommendation: Arslan gozleme stall and their Turkish pastry layered with delicious spicy lamb or cheese and spinach or Dutch pancakes!

Before looking at the details, we are reminding you all stallholders at this Sunday Market rotate positions regularly. So, don’t get confused and enjoy!

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