Budget Friendly Aussie Brands #1


Saving up isn’t really an easy thing when you are a student, part-time worker or simply a fashion lover with no steady incomes. So, finding a good, high-quality and trendy, but affordable piece of clothing can sometimes be mission impossible. That is why, we will present you some of the brands that will save your wallets and turn your window shopping into a spending spree. Check them out!

Mink pink

If you are a bit of a hippie and you love, old, chic and vintage pieces, you will love this brand! Mink Pink is Australian brand that makes affordable and unique, easy to wear fashion. Most of the items are available at the price falling below $100 and you can find everything you need: from sleep sets made of natural materials with original prints, sexy velvet dresses with interesting cuts and the ones made of silk and lace, to floral jumpsuits, jackets and high-quality retro denim. Oh, did we mention they rock with their sunglasses collection?

Vanishing Elephant

One of the most sold brands across Australia and New Zealand!  For everyone who prefer simplicity and classic with a bit of urban touch this brand is a bingo. Simple silhouettes and a laidback sensibility is what makes this brand perfect for your everyday choice. If you decide to buy any of their pieces, you will surely get the right value for money since they use the highest quality fabrications only: leathers, linens, cottons and silks. Also, the Sydney-based label is famous for blending classic and contemporary aesthetics in a perfect manner.

Menswear staples include slim fit trousers, classic walkshorts, cotton shirts, jersey tees etc, while the women’s range encompasses classic shirt dresses, perfect-fit t-shirts and a collection of simple and classy a-line skirts.

The Social Studio

Founded in 2009. in Melbourne, Victoria, The Social Studio is a real champion in ethical business practices. If you are searching for more than just a budget friendly shopping, you will simply love these people! Why? Well, instead of just making fashion, they decided to teach others how to do it too! And not just that – they create trainings and hire talented young people from refugee backgrounds. 

Certified by Ethical Clothing Australia they operate as a non-profit Incorporated Association, which is managed by a Board of Management elected by the membership. In their team they have design and business professionals, media experts and community leaders from refugee communities in Melbourne. All income generated through their studio is invested in creating social benefits for students, staff and their communities. 

If you are eager to buy their stuff, simply prepare the money and enjoy the quality. Still, if you are interested in finding out more about their school, trainings and certificates, contact them at: thesocialstudioschool@gmail.com

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