First Stage Of Redevelopment - New Market At The Glen Mall


Melbourne shopping centre, The Glen, will be getting it’s fresh new face in the next three years, as a part of $460 million redevelopment. The first step is to present it’s brand new fresh food market hall next month, featuring over 60 specialty stores and food retailers.

As said by Richard Devlin, centre manager, this market will represent the whole new level of buying the premium goods, such as superb wines and liquors, top-notch cheese and deli, and many sorts of fresh food, seven days a week. Devlin also claimed he thinks this can be a new hot spot for demanding customers, having in mind that they will be able to find many rare specialty ingredients in one location. The new market hall is located just next to a new Aldi , and a Coles supermarket and is expected to be completed by early 2020.

Local reatilers to welcome visitors include Divine Poultry, The Glen Butcher, The Glen Asian Grocery, Sea Harbour, Fish Pier, and Bakers Delight, and all the buyers will be able to locate them in the lower ground, where retailers will be set in new stores.

Visitors will be able to check out for the first time new brands such as Colonial Fresh Market, The Butcher Club, Selene’s Chocolate Bar, Go Vita and Nutshack

Taking inspiration from our diverse local community and leading food destinations around the world, we are excited to introduce new and loyal customers to our market hall experience, said Richard Devlin, centre manager.

Additional good news for all the customers is the fact that the New Glen will have the new parking system rules. On October 9th, the system will be launched, offering 3 hours free parking with no ticket issuing. The system recognizes your licence plate and you can drive in freely, while the digital clock registers your parking entry time. 

While exiting, the indicators will recognize the plate and the gates will open automatically.

Special technology for guidance will show every visitor where there are car spaces available and where to park. If, by any chance, you stay longer than 3 hours in the mall, you will be able to pay the parking at any of the Pay Stations, using cards or cash, by entering your licence plate. Interesting, right?

If you have not understood some the updates we just gave you, don’t hesitate to visit for more infos.

Welcome to The Glen!

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