Narellan Town Centre – Pride Of Southwest Sydney


Since opening in November 1995 Narellan Town Centre has been undergone various stages of reconstruction and growth. With development of the region, the Centre encouraged commercial growth with the addition of a Commercial Centre which hosts a wide variety of leading professional businesses. The final stage of $200 million redevelopment project is finished and this place now has a brand new face to show.

The first stunning sight you will notice is one of a kind automatic water fountain in Australia waiting for you at the centrepiece of the north side’s restaurant and entertainment area.

Southwest Sydney is proud to have a premium place for shopping and having fun!

We warmly recommend you to go and have a walk all around the brand new pedestrain precinct – a 38-metre wide link bridge now connects north and south area and it is 48 metres long, going all across Camden Valley Way. Construction company, Mainbrace delivered a  total gross floor area of 132,810sqm. They are also the main „culprits“ for innovative design of all the external community spaces. The remake also included extension of the existing shopping centre on the south side of Camden Valley Way, joining the new section of the Centre on the north side of the major arterial road.

In total, 35,000sqm of net lettable area (NLA) has been added to the existing town centre south of Camden Valley Way, while the greenfield site on the north side of the road is a new connected centre with 23,207sqm of NLA.

What is done after reconstruction

  • Narellan Town Centre was undergone a $200 million redevelopment.
  • More than 1,200 people were giving jobs during the construction phase and then an estimated 1,000 positions were available on completion.
  • The retail space was increased from 36,000sqm to 72,000sqm.
  • New Target & Kmart stores were open.
  • More than 100 new retailers including top national fashion brands are available.
  • There are over 1,500 new additional car park spaces which will be served by 6 new travelators, 2 escalators and 2 lifts.
  • Woolworths Supermarket was enlarged.
  • New civic plazas and entertainment precincts including an indoor / outdoor restaurant and casual dining area are there now.
  • New banking precinct and 3,000sqm of new commercial space.
  • Surrounding road network was significantly improved with shared pedestrian and bicycle paths and additional new vehicular access points from Northern Rd, Old Northern Rd and Camden Valley Way.

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