Kids’ Fashion: Five Aussie Brands You Will Love


Kids’fashion has become separate important fashion idustry long time ago and so many designers have gone far from simply printing flowers, dolls or trucks on the tiny pieces. Unique cuts with attention to details is what it is all about today and the market of children’s fashion has advanced drastically. More accessories are being added, colours being mixed and materials such as cotton, linen, silk and cashmere still prevail. Jeans and denim jackets, tweed jackets and coats, sneakers and rough boots are some of the trends in height of kids’ fashion 2017. Also, knitted items and elements that are increasingly visible in outerwear are what is on high demand. We present you five Australian kids’ clothing brands that have managed to strike gold and are all but plain and ordinary.

Just Jack

Two caring and dedicated parents made this brand in 2012. What started out as a simple conversation with a group of friends turned into a movement promoting healthy active lifestyles for young boys. They made wide range of clothes for little men made from soft, quality fabrics with an easy fit suitable even to the picky ones. The brand’s philosophy is - We believe being a young boy should be about climbing trees and scraping knees and knowing the right time to use the word please. Cute, isn’t it? 

Emu Australia

If you wonder if there is perfect shoe for your treasure, search no more. Emu Australia, worldwide known brand makes the most perfect footwear for kids. What do we mean by that? Well, that means the cuttest and most creative design you will see combined with premium materials such as super soft 100% Australian sheepskin, thick, lush and water resistant,  Australian Merino wool because it's soft and warm and the highest quality Australian leather, intentionally selected for it’s flawless  beauty and comfy feel. Once you see design of their shoes you will never pick another brand: ladybug flats, giraffe sneakers, and brown bear boots are just a small part of assortment. Crocodiles, sharks, monkeys and lions are all over this adorable footwear. Go on and see.

Munster Kids

Named for the urban legend Mikey Munster, this brand is a super cool mix of kid-friendly clothes and streetwear. They like to say they created a story strongly connected to love of surf, skate and street culture. Pieces are made of high quality cotton with interesting prints and details. Current collections available are Northern and Southern Hemisphere with loads of items you will love, especially t-shirts and sweatshirts. 


Another honest and imaginative mom and dad who decided to create something they would wear if they were still kids. Plain, no? Nick and Amy’s concept is pretty simple: make fantastic printed clothing in the most comfortable way. Track pants, hoodies, beanies, and slouchy tees are in the same time fancy and easy to wear. This clothing brand based in Melbourne, Australia offers ranges of pieces we are sure both parents and their little ones will like.

Huckleberry Lane

Established in 2008, Huckleberry Lane is one of Australia's leading sleepwear brands. As you might have known, they make designer sleepwear across two seasons - summer & winter. Still, they don’t make just kids happy with their lovely products. They also design sleepwear for teen, men and women. Their range includes pyjamas, nighties, dressing gowns, rompers, children's underwear, and baby wraps. All of that can be purchased across Australia and New Zealand. They also make the sweetest custom made gift-wrapps, just in case you decide to surprise your loved ones with the piece from one of their stores.

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