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Every single one of us has our own fashion style, but from time to time it feels good to get lost in something that is considered unusal – sort of out of the box fashion. You don’t have to be gothic queen or punk star to try out alternative trends. Putting on a vintage dress or unique pair of shoes might feel good, simply as a mini personal experiment. For all of you who are ready to explore the world of unconventional brands, we have picked some interesting stores in Melbourne you might like to visit. 

Visage ’n’Vice

This unusual store has amazing range of clothing, most of it looking like costumes from old time movies or theatre plays. It is also great for all of you who are costume ball lovers and have a bit quirky imagination. If you wish to impress, search no more. In this magic corner, you will be able to try out dresses from the neo-Victorian period to mad scientist costumes, featured with many interesting details. Visage'n'Vice is one of the rare stores where you can find steampunk brands like Gallery Serpentine and Clockwork Butterfly. They also have impressive range of corsets in all sizes and styles. As for the accessories, it’s almost too much to handle –  brass necklaces, bustle belts, dapper waistcoats and elastic braces. Shhhhhh....did we mention they sell burlesque nipple pasties too?

155 Sydney Rd 

Down Town Revolution

We all love shoes. Still, some of us love boots more! If you are one of them or like cowboy style, head to this little Eden for western style footwear. They sell alternative footgear of all kinds. Once you are inside of a store, you will be lost among so many unique models of leather boots, creepers, rockabilly leopard-print heels and other sorts of vintage and western style items. 

123 Swanston St. 

Who says kitsch is bad? It can be sexy too! You will see for yourself once you enter the world of 40s, the store named Antons. The store got it’s name by the creative owner and designer who comes from  Croatia, whose idea was to create an unusual corner where people will be able to buy vintage coats and also dress up for costume parties. Remember Jim Kelly dancing in the rain? This is exactly what this guy had in mind while producing items for the place. A little bit of street chic, embroided coat, black top hat there you go – you get true old style dandy!

Shop GD10, Menzies Lane, Melbourne Central 
211 Latrobe St. 


Clothes from/for a next door night club – we could say. Here you will be able to find items from many alternative brands including Demonia, Too fast, Tripp NYC, Sourpuss and Darkside. Goth, punk and metal clothes for men and women include items like knee-high patent leather platform boots, a whole range of studded and spiked accessories, vests, t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, SteamPunk collection of footwear and even vegan boots collection.

12 McKillop St.

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