Budget Friendly Aussie Brands #2


As we mentioned in previous article it’s more than hard to save up some money if you are living your college life or simply don’t have full time, well paid job. Still, the spring fashion fever gets us all, so it’s good to know how and where to grab some nice pieces at reasonable price and not feel guilty afterwards. So, here are the next three brands on our budget friendly list that you will love. Forget about window shopping with Bhalo, Estele Dévé and Princess Polly.


You will buy good if you buy at Bhalo, since the brand’s name has the meaning of „good“. Bhalo is Australian ethical fashion label, founded in 2009, that deserves everyone’s attention. All the products are made from ethically hand woven and hand embroidered cotton fabrics and the price range is from $50 to $150. Their limited edition garments include shirts, skirts, tops and dresses of all sizes, shapes and prints with special attention to natural hand embroidery. Brand was founded by Operations Manager of a Bangladeshi charity, Shimul Minhas Uddin and Australian designer Jessica Priemus. In 2008. they met working at a charity in Dhaka. Since they had the same vision about doing the business at that is, producing items focused on community development and honorable working conditions, they used their skills to create a label that would support rural artisans in Bangladesh.

Since starting in 2009. the award-winning label has gained both Australian and international media attention. We would say the highlights of collection are dresses of very interesting cut and design, but you can check out for yourself: www.bhaloshop.com

Estele Dévé

It’s not all about the clothes, there is something about the jewelry too!

If you are someone who likes combining your casual spring style with a little bit of chic, Dévé is a brand for you. This jewelry line was launched in December 2008. in Melbourne, and it has garnered the support of the world’s most progressive fashion magazines. The lines have been featured in publications such as British Vogue, Vogue Paris, ELLE UK and ELLE France. Delicate and futuristic jewelry line is made by young female designer Estele, whose father and aunt ran family jewelry business in the nineties. Her aunt worked as a designer for Chanel for a while and today is creative director of the fine jewelry house Chaumet. The most interesting fact about this brand is that Estele is completely self-taught and is using the latest 3D technology for creating her pieces.

See the collection here.

Princess Polly

This Aussie brand is a true match for romantic ones and the ones who have hard time deciding what to wear. They offer so much different items, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop once you see the collections. Their style is boho chic and targets the young free women who prefer to feel a bit hippie. From dresses, tops, shoes, jackets and gorgeous accessories collection, it’s all there, waiting for you. Feel free to take a peek: www.princesspolly.com

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