Westfield Whitford City To Get It’s Entertainment Hub


The new dining and entertainment hub was, recently, opened at Westfield Whitford City in Perth as part of a $80 million redevelopment.

This part of the shopping centre features over ten retailers, including a micro-brewery where all the visitors will have the chance to try craft beer and enjoy great food. The hub has many green spaces and water decorations as a part of it’s creative play area.

The new hub is just a segment of a huge project, owned by Scentre Group and GIC, commenced in August last year. Since the beginning, the size of this major shopping centre in Perth increased about 5,600sqm to around 85,000sqm, and is expected to gain a total of 314 retailers by the end of redevelopment. Greg Miles, Scentre Group COO, said the project is part of the company’s broader investment in the West Australian market and is the first of their three redevelopments that will come to life over the next few years.

The Whitford City dining and entertainment hub will deliver a lifestyle offer not previously available in Perth’s north, and will set a new standard in our centres, Miles said.

The hub has been built as a beach inspired space and gives the possibility for parents to relax and enjoy the day fully, as there are many child- friendly piazzas which are positioned very well and can be seen from the alfresco areas of most of the restaurants. 

The diners and shopping lovers will be pleased to know there will be pleasures for everyone in this new hot spot for the residents of northern suburbs  - creamy oversized gelato, yummy burgers and authentic dumplings and large quantities of craft beer. The entertainment area’s biggest pride is the new Event Cinemas complex with two new Vmax and two Gold Class offerings.

Come and experience all the good tastes waiting for you in the Westfield Whitford City’s hub. Some of it includes: delish meat at Ribs & Burgers, beers from brewery in Whitfords Brewing Company, all the choco magic you can possibly imagine at Max Brenner, NYC-styled food from East Village, thai food at Bangkok Brothers, Miss Chow’s and their tasty dumplings. Also, let’s not forget Korean chicken at Gami Chicken and up-market deli dining at Eat House. For more, you will have to get up from the couch and see for yourself.

Westfield Whitford City’s redevelopment will be followed by Westfield Carousel, currently underway and due for completion in late 2018 and Westfield Innaloo planned to start off in the first half of next year.

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