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The day of joy, Easter, is just around the corner and a lot of families can not wait to celebrate it in the warm domestic atmosphere or simply using four days off for running away from the city and enjoying outdoor activities.

Still, there are many of those who will make the most of this holiday by searching for the yummiest chocolate Easter Bunny or the most creative egg basket, or maybe even competing in egg painting. 

There are events across the whole Australia at Easter that are well worth the effort and travel to get to and enjoy. The most obvious sign of Easter’s approach is the huge market of Easter products in many of the local malls. This time, we will put Adelaide’s Rundle Mall on the spotlight.

Just in case you decide to stop by at this heart of retail in South Australia, there will be many interesting festive activities there waiting for you. The doors of this shopping palace will be opened for you until 5 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 15th to April 17th. 

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to win a year’s supply of special chocolates or montly supplies of doughnuts. How and when you can check out on the link bellow.

Rundle Mall probably has one of the best Gift Guides this season – if you are overthinking about presents for kids and family, search no more. You can see the offer on their website before heading to the mall. Numerous Bunny editions, bags, baskets, dolls, hand crafted toys and comfortable sleeping sets are simply too adorable to be ignored.

Kids who are creative and competitive will have the chance to express themselves in special doughnut decorating competition. There will be seven sessions per day, each welcoming 12 kids in total. Be aware of showing up on time, because there is a great chance it will be crowded. Decorating will be held from 11:30 am to 2:50 pm within 20 minutes intervals each session.

All kids from 4 to 11 are welcome to apply.

We also advise you not to eat too much sweets before coming to Rundle because traditional hot cross buns will catch your eye on every single corner of the mall. 

For the ones who don’t know or bake Easter bread instead of buns, these treats are spiced buns made with dried fruit. They are then topped with an iced cross made of a flour and water mixture. Australians have put their own spin on the favorite pastry, now offering the buns in a chocolate variety. No Easter would be complete without them. In recent years they've evolved into an endless list of varieties, including fruitless, chocolate chip, toffee, date, hazelnut and even mocha. 

Interesting facts #1 - The longest and one of the busiest malls in Australia, Adelaide’s Rundle Mall attracts more than 400,000 visitors and locals weekly. Rundle Mall is a busy hot spot active seven days a week. It opens it’s door to more than 24 million guests each year. The Mall hosts four leading department stores, 15 arcades and centres and more than 700 retailers.

Interesting facts #2 - In Australia, instead of the rabbit, Bilby is considered to be one of the major symbols associated with Easter festivity. The reason of bunny rabbit being replaced by Bilby is that, the bunny rabbit is reported to have destroyed the agricultural crops.

For more infos about upcoming Easter festivities visit: rundlemall.com

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